11th May 2023

We have painted the outside of the house!  First time in nearly 10 years and its taken most of our two week holiday to do it - it looks sparkling white and although we got a little more paint on the windows/doors and patio than we would have liked - we're generally pleased with it.

26. May, 2021

Coll Distillery - opening shortly in 2021

an exciting venture for Coll. Located adjacent to the Coll Stores in the village of Arinagour. The first product will be Isle of Coll Gin, infused with 10 botanicals including Heather, Bog Myrtle and sea kelp foraged on the island. Check out my useful links for a link to the Coll Distillery website.

25. May, 2021

Recently, there was a series of Heath fires on Coll which is an ever-present danger in an area with lots of dry heather and bracken. The recent fires unfortunately destroyed a home on Coll and even got close to this house. It goes without saying that our guests need to be careful around these areas.... no lighting of fires or carelessness with cigarettes.

Also, there are lots of sheep and cattle on Coll. Please be careful with dogs around these animals. We've had to keep two of ours on leads just because we can't trust them around sheep - there is a fine of up to £40,000 for sheep worrying.

9. Mar, 2021

The New and Improved Coll Stores is open. They can take orders in advance, organise deliveries and much more. Dougie and Paula are fantastic people who have taken on the new Stores and done a great job.

Their web address is collstores.com and Their email is coll@collstores.com.
Their telephone number is 01879 230237.

Please support this business which is a lifeline for the Community of Coll and its visiting tourists.

4. Aug, 2018

NEW for 2019 - Pay by installments

From January 2019 I am offering a 'pay by installments options. Either 4 equal payments (after the initial deposit) or monthly payments up until 8 weeks before departure. This option won't be available for late bookings (within 8 weeks of departure). Just let me know at the initial enquiry or point of actual booking

23. Mar, 2018

Spring Update

Just finished a mammoth spring cleaning exercise - house looks amazing! We've had to unfortunately remove the Telescope from the upstairs bedroom as it was damaged but the mini telescope is still here. We've just had a water meter installed and with that in mind, I will be increasing the house rental price very slightly from 2019 - we've not had a price rise in 5 years so it isn't bad. We are looking forward to a busy year at Suil Na Mara and hope all of our guests enjoy the house as much as we do.

8. Jan, 2017


Well, for the third time we have problem with the septic tank pump following people staying at the house. I have notices throughout and send extra paperwork to renters regarding this and still, people don't take due care.
Because we don't want ANY fat to go down the kitchen sink, it means that if you've cooked an oily or greasy meal - you need to get rid of most of it by wiping with paper towels which can go in the bin (or in the woodburner if you like). I don't know what else to do make renters constantly aware of what goes into the sink and loo. My last recourse may be to take a refundable deposit which is returned after the renters have left and assuming no problems. The pump alarm will sound if there is a problem but each time this happens, I have to pay someone to put it right. Its just a case of thinking about EVERYTHING that goes down the sink, in a way you wouldn't have to at home.

25. Jun, 2016

The house now finally has WiFi and the code is readily available for all. The Multi-Fuel stove is now installed and working fine.

The garden is turning into the lovely machair/meadow which we wanted it to be and later this year we will be looking to replace all of the fences.

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