Terms and Conditions of booking the house

1.   At Suil Na Mara, we provide duvets and pillows but you need to supply your own duvet covers, pillowcases and towels. 

2.   Suil Na Mara is available Saturday to Saturday in the summer months and will normally be ready for occupation from 3pm and needs to be vacated by 10am on your day of departure to allow for cleaning.

3.   Suil Na Mara has a septic tank and it is important to note that NOTHING must go down the loo or sinks which might compromise of damage it.  Items such as wet wipes/sanitary products/cotton wool buds or facial wipes MUST NOT go down the toilet.  For the same reason, no fat or oil must go down the kitchen sink as when solidified it stops the septic tank from operating effectively by blocking the pump which could cause sewerage to back up towards the house. The system is monitored by an alarm which will sound as soon as a problem occurs making it obvious that a current guest has probably put something down the sink or loo that they shouldn't have.  We then need to pay for a local plumber to call and rectify the situation. Please make sure younger family members are also aware of this.

4.   We are happy to let well behaved pets stay in Suil Na Mara but advise that you bring a blanket for them and ensure that any accidents are cleaned up as soon as possible.  If your dog uses the garden, please try to pick up any mess as we would like the garden to stay clean for all of our guests, pet owners and non pet owners alike.

5.   We understand that things can get broken, and if this happens during your stay, please report it to the owner by emailing alisonhenessey@btinternet.com

6.  Bin day on Coll is every other Saturday.  Coll also has recycling at the Middle Pier.

7.   The house has Wifi and the code is available on the router in the lounge.

8.   It is the guests responsibility to book their own Caledonian McBrayne Ferry.  Please be   aware that these can get full in the summer, so make sure you book your crossing as soon as you can.

9.   Should bad weather cause the boat to be cancelled, either for your arrival or departure, we reserve the right to charge for extra nights should this occur but will try to be sympathetic to the situation.  Also, if your arrival is delayed because of a cancelled ferry we will not  be able to refund any nights paid.

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